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InsideOut Consulting is an established consultancy specialising in leadership development, cultural transformation, and organisational potential for the purpose of evolving global consciousness.

A wholly Australian owned consultancy based in Sydney, we service a wide range of major Australian and International organisations around the world, with a network of local native speaking senior consultants, coaches, and facilitators throughout Asia and Australasia.

Client Services

Developing evolutionary leaders creates deeper levels of self-satisfaction and an organisational culture of adaptive capability, high performance, and engagement.

At InsideOut our uniquely transformative approach develops, enables and enhances, leadership effectiveness, ultimately adding high capability and value to the human capital of your organisation.

The instrument of leadership is the self. At InsideOut our unique coaching approach transforms executives and those wanting to fulfil their potential by engaging in a structured program to develop self awareness, emotional intelligence, and their own evolutionary leadership capability.

Career transitions for women can often be too complex. Helen Mitrofanis of InsideOut Consulting provides specialist expertise, advice, and executive coaching to support female clients in navigating their own personal and professional journey.

To support the ongoing development of leaders and teams, InsideOut Consulting Group conducts full-day masterclasses in various strategic areas including “Leading Through Change” and “Sustainable High Performance: Stress Management and Resilience”.

InsideOut Consulting provides a safe, trusting, and confidential bespoke program for individuals who wish to deepen their levels of self-awareness and transform uncomfortable feelings and emotions into empowered states of being.

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Client Testimonials

Michael, thank you so much for developing and facilitating the Leadership Workshop for our Management team. Your in-depth knowledge and insights into leadership capabilities were evident and you masterfully explained the concepts to our team. Your guided exploration of personal and professional growth was invaluable and inspirational!

Human Resources Generalist, ANZ
Belkin Limited

It is a privilege to share the great success our organisation and myself have achieved with InsideOut Consulting. Being a Top 50 Best Place to Work over the last 7 years doesn’t just happen!

InsideOut Consulting's wonderful support and guided thinking helped our senior management and members of the board to grow and navigate through the ever changing landscape in the fastest growing industry in Australia.

Bruce Watson
CEO (2016)
Auscoal Superannuation

Michael Ryder of InsideOut Consulting has undertaken work for me across a number of organisations as I’ve looked to foster change in the workforces and grow leadership, in government, education and private industry. The work he has undertaken has included fostering change within leadership teams and cultures, and growing leadership capability. This has included coaching difficult managers develop soft skills to more effectively lead their teams as they undertake change.

I have always been able to rely on Michael to take the time to understand the organisation, its issues and the individuals involved before he provides a solution. His approach is flexible, evidence based and consultative.

Jill Adams
Director of People and Capability
Charles Darwin University

I engaged InsideOut Consulting for my executive coaching over a period in which I was being tested both professionally and personally. Their guidance was perceptive and insightful, with the ability to identify and focus on the important issues quickly. I found the sessions immensely useful. In particular, they helped me navigate the best possible outcome for both myself and the business in an extremely challenging environment. I continue to draw on the skills developed and the learnings generated from that process, and highly recommend InsideOut Consulting to anyone seeking an executive coach.

Catherine Eddy
Chief Financial Officer
Telestar Communications

Working with InsideOut Consulting on developing my Leadership effectiveness has absolutely changed my life and career. Their supportive and dedicated approach enabled me to positively and proactively challenge my own limitations, unleashing key learnings that sparked the beginning of my journey of self-mastery. It was a truly rewarding, invigorating and transformative experience.

I cannot recommend Insideout Consulting more highly to anyone that wants to be the best version of their professional self.

Aniela Fleming
Marketing Manager

I have worked with InsideOut Consulting for over four years as my business coach, however for the last 18 months I have worked with them as ‘partners’ to assist with a business cultural transformation program.

At a personal level, their professionalism, honesty and practical approach to business coaching has enormously assisted my leadership journey. At a corporate level, they have proved invaluable in our leadership development program.

InsideOut Consulting’s ability to draw on their vast corporate experiences, as well as others, means their coaching and masterclasses are far more relevant and applicable than a pure theory-based approach.

The feedback I receive from our team on their collective leadership journey has been very positive and they feel privileged to have been exposed to the learnings of InsideOut Consulting.

They also have an amazing ability to connect and relate to a broad range of people, making it easy to bring them into the business and have an aligned approach.

Helen’s intuitiveness and ability to draw on her vast corporate experience as a female business leader has been hugely advantageous for a number of women in our business. Helen has enabled them with the tools, resources and guidance to take their personal and professional lives to the next level.

With a warmth and integrity, Helen quickly delves to the heart of issues with her perceptive abilities. Going through a period of transition, Helen gently (and firmly when needed) guided me through a series of steps and processes, analysing both personal and business issues in order to provide clarity and suggestions that are both innovative and straightforward.

Creating inner awareness of one’s own abilities, skills and attributes, Helen seeks to empower those who seek her services, to guide and encourage them into the next stage of their career/lives.

Helen – a truly great mentor!

Thank you for enhancing my skills that have shaped my career and professional life.

Your mentoring and coaching over the last 6 months has meant so much to me, I can never really thank you enough.

Our Principals

Michael Ryder

Michael has a lifetime of experience in business and working in human and organisational potential. He now supports others in managing the challenges of the global transitions occurring in personal, professional and business contexts.

Helen Mitrofanis

Helen brings years of experience and strategy as a CFO, integrating broad business acumen with her wisdom and awareness of the human inner world to inspire and facilitate others to realise their professional and personal potentials.