Women In Leadership

InsideOut Consulting Group has been instrumental in promoting and enhancing the careers of executive and emerging female leaders. We pride ourselves on our reputation and capacity to develop and maintain long standing, valued relationships with each of our female clients who have thought-partnered with our executive coaches and world-class facilitators. Our clients ascribe a direct correlation between the enhancement of their career and fulfilment of their potential to their work with InsideOut. InsideOut is committed to working with senior executive women and emerging female leaders to fulfil their career aspirations and potential.

InsideOut actively seeks to challenge the subtle and not-so-subtle diversity, gender bias, and unseen barriers that persist across many organisations today. We work with emerging female leaders who want to traverse to the next stage in their career. Career transitions from manager to leader can often be a daunting process, and Helen Mitrofanis of InsideOut provides specialist expertise, advice, and executive coaching to support female clients in navigating their own personal and professional journey.

InsideOut thought-partners with a diverse range of senior executive women across various sectors who are seeking to fulfil and anchor their purpose and leave a lasting legacy of influence on the teams and organisations that they lead.

Effective leadership is a complex skill and InsideOut is cognisant of the particular challenges faced by all senior executives and leaders, particularly women, in organisations. Our skill in this area extends to the value of diversity in general, and we look to culturally integrate marginalised elements such as gender or ethnic bias, for example, in order to minimise risk and leverage diversity of thought, innovation, and organisational dexterity.

InsideOut is also proud to be collaborating and partnering with Leaders In Heels to inspire and empower women all over the world.